On purpose with busie sholo

On Purpose with Busie Sholo is a coaching firm and a network dedicated to helping you get unstuck, rekindle your dreams and passions and align with God’s purpose for your life. You will be empowered with tools to help you pursue your dreams while raising your children. You will learn how to align your passions with your purpose and divorce all self-limiting beliefs that stop you from taking action. On Purpose with Busie Sholo is designed to equip you with the resources that will help you get clear on what “Purpose Beyond Motherhood” looks like for you and to how achieve it.

The Untamed Mama

She is the mommy that On Purpose with Busie Sholo is created for. She is a modern working mom who loves her children dearly and wants to raise them well but doesn’t want to leave herself behind. She believes that she was created with purpose and wants to learn how to integrate work and life, push through mom guilt, reignite her passions and dreams and align them with God’s purpose for her life. The untamed mama is eager to achieve her dreams and to build an ampactful and fulfilling life for herself.