my story

Hey, I’m Busie, founder of  On Purpose with Busie Sholo and Mom blogger at I help moms who feel that they have lost themselves in the guise of motherhood to go for their dreams and empower them to let go of all the self limiting beliefs. I am a firm believer that Motherhood was NOT designed to tame moms!!

Had you met me in 2015 as a new mom, I definitely wouldn’t have introduced myself like this!! This is because I was overwhelmed, tired and uncertain of what I wanted to do. Following my dreams wasn’t even something I was determined to do because I believed that I couldn’t slay both motherhood and my dreams. I wanted to use my God given gifts to find my purpose and serve humanity but every time I thought about it I would feel guilty.

Qualified Biotechnologist turned Certified Executive Coach

A few months after graduation I started working as an assistant lab analyst and I didn’t like it. My husband worked in a different province and we had to travel 4 hours to visit him every weekend because I did not want a disconnected family. It didn’t help much because my daughter was still unfamiliar with her father.

I didn’t grow up with both my parents and didn’t want to recreate the wheel. Being in different provinces already made me feel like I was failing at that already! So one morning I decided that I could no longer endure a long-distance marriage and continue to keep my family apart for a job that did not fulfill me. So I resigned and we moved, with no job offer. I became a stay at home mom for 1 year 8 months before I started working. I looked at other Moms killing it and felt lost and  left behind!! I felt like a failure! I knew that I wanted more but I wasn’t sure what that more was.

Even when I started working, it wasn’t work that set my soul on fire. It was so that I could earn an income (and keep sane!). I invested my time as a stay at home and my free time when I started working to look at what mattered to me, what I wanted to do, and the kind of impact that I wanted to have and the legacy I wanted to leave for my daughter, together with my husband.

I stumbled upon a coaching course online in 2018 and registered. When it came to choosing the niche for my coaching practice, I chose to be for other moms what I wished someone was for me. I decided on helping other Moms. to rediscover their strengths, their passions, and align with purpose so they can live the lives of their dreams.

I don’t want moms to feel guilty for wanting more than just being moms, I don’t want them to spend years searching for purpose only to stumble upon course! I want moms to unapologetically pursue their passions and fulfill their God given purposes. I want moms to find themselves again and be confident in their ability to parent while they chase their dreams. I want them to get clear on what purpose beyond motherhood looks like for them and make it a reality.

I want moms to know that motherhood was not designed to tame them!!

That’s why On Purpose with Busie Sholo exists