"Before speaking to Busie, I struggled with fear and doubt which are stumbling blocks that had be believing that my dream was bigger than me. I loved Busie's calm personality, it made it very easy for me to open up to her about my life as a mom of 3 and about my goals.

What stood out for me was that she did not dictate to me but she allowed me to share my issues and she listened and ensured that the session spoke to the issues at hand. I found that very effective and helpful.
Busie helped me to see fear and doubt as stumbling blocks, helped me align my goals with action. She also helped me to align my purpose with my business and helped be develop an action plan to achieve my goals.
"When I spoke to Busie, I had just resigned from an unfulfilling job so that I could be a happier mom and wife. As happy as I was about my decision, I was at an overwhelming place where I couldn't figure out what was next. Busie was calm and easy to open up to, she left me with so much clarity, determination and confidence to conquer fear and be a MOM BOSS!! I left the session and launched my YouTube channel and daily I am taking the steps to a successful work from home mom.